Q: What can you pick up/deliver? What can you do?
We can pick up/deliver almost anything! However since we are bicycle powered it tends to be somewhat size and weight limited.
Shipping boxes, groceries, court filings, lunch, tools, or car parts! We can even come to you to notarize important documents on the go!
We could not deliver a classic piano, for instance, (although a trombone is doable) a sofa, large animals, or anything over 80lbs.

Q:How long do deliveries take?
Most deliveries are completed that same day, usually within <=3 hours. If you need it faster let us know!

Q:How do I pay for a delivery?
After submitting the order form we will email a confirmation to the customer with a supplied invoice. After receiving the invoice you can pay with any major credit/debit card. We can take cash or cards in person also, but prefer online payment.

Q: Is there any guarantee of my package being delivered on time? Can I track my package?
While we do our absolute best to make sure everything is done professionally and on time, accidents do happen. We will do everything in our power to correct mishaps or offer refunds on broken or damaged goods. Every delivery has a is insured up to $500.
When a delivery is picked up you will get an email(or text message) and estimated delivery time, the customer will get another email(or text message) when the package is delivered, and associated tracking numbers if applicable.

Q: Do you offer discounts for multiple deliveries?
Yes! If you're a business and would like to include our services with your company feel free to send us an email! We can work with you to get a competitive rate to help with your local business needs. If you have multiple packages the rate is the same! i.e. Whether it’s five packages, or one package, the rate is the same!

Q: Why choose Rose Pedal Courier?
Because we’re super awesome.

Here a few good reasons:
Riding bikes is good for the environment (and your health!)
Help bring awareness to bicycle commuting in the Tyler area.
Competitively priced and affordable (ask us about monthly business rates!)
We are a local owner-operated Tyler company.

Q: What if I’m outside any of the zones, or my pickup/delivery is?
Send us an email! We can deliver outside any of the zones but it is subject to an extra fee.